Miroslav Volf: Something New

Posted: April 10, 2013 in Hermeneutics

I’ve recently been thinking about how the gospel speaks to those places of deep woundedness and how it drives some sufferers to profound and powerful action by means of the Holy Spirit to restore the dignity of creation. In this video Miroslav Volf speaks from that place about what the cross and resurrection accomplish which creation cannot.

If reconciliation with the divine takes place through the event of Jesus, the Messiah’s life, then is it adequate or even appropriate to interpret this simply in terms of cultic sacrifice for divine appeasement? If we are to take seriously the love of the “Father” to the Son through the Spirit, how can it be that God (the Father) would require his only “begotten” son’s death? Doesn’t that just exacerbate suffering and justify parental abuse?

What if in the death of Jesus (the son), the “Father” moves into solidarity with all those sufferers in this world. Wouldn’t it be more consistent with the nature of God as revealed in scripture if the “Father” determines to forgive his creation rather than condemn and destroy?

What I find most moving in this video is the narrative path which Miroslav Volf has trod and in spite of everything he has ended in place of forgiveness and hope. Moreover, it appears that he has not kept this all for his well-being, but that it has driven him to those many pits of suffering and indignity throughout the world in the efforts of God’s justice (setting things right).

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