A Disturbing Silence

Posted: April 12, 2013 in Hermeneutics
Statue of Jesus weeping while holding aborted ...

Statue of Jesus weeping while holding aborted child (Photo credit: bamalibrarylady)


I came across an article this morning that made the spirit in me cry out. USA TODAY published an article following the Philadelphia abortion clinic trial. Within this article is a serious indictment on both the perpetrators of such abominable crimes against humanity and against the media for its silence on the subject.


However, this disturbing silence is not limited to the media. Where are the cries for justice from the people who claim, preach and work for the peace of Christ? Admittedly over the past century abortion has become so politicized and simplified to a mere “yes” or “no” issue in US culture that many have avoided it all together. It is irresponsible to ignore complex social, psychological, and physiological dynamics surrounding this. However, to remain silent especially in light of where this politicization has led is inexcusable.


In light of God being the creator, giver, sustainer and redeemer of life (from a christocentric perspective), anything that destroys, usurps, oppresses or diminishes life is contrary to the gospel Jesus preached. So where is the Christian voice? Where are my Anabaptist brothers and sisters crying out about this injustice?


Within our cultural setting it seems curious that following the killings in Connecticut the cry could be heard around the world. I happened to be in the Holy Land when that horrible event occurred and I was moved by the empathy that was shown those families. The members of the Church of the Brethren delegation to Israel (made up of denominational leadership) crafted a letter extending sympathy and prayer. Moreover there have been numerous Brethren voices shouting about gun control as a result of this. I have been one shouting about this as well.


Yet here I sit in the midst of deafening silence when a story has broken about infants being born alive and then decapitated. I wonder what it will take for us to begin crying out for justice in a case like this? Where is the voice for Christ’s peace being spoken in this? I hope you read the article and are disturbed as much as I am.


  1. There are those of us who life just outside of Philadelphia… for us, this news has been dominating our local broadcasts for the last few weeks… It’s sad, really, that the media only determines something is newsworthy if there’s a political agenda to be put forward…

  2. Brian says:

    55 million just in the USA since ’73. How can it not be the leading moral issue of our times. The Roman Catholic Church is leading on this. Where is the voice in the Protestant Church? The near-silence truly is deafening. I’m not hearing about it at all in the churches I know. We’re not even praying about it.

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