About Me

mypicI am the husband of Laura and the father of two beautiful daughters. Laura and I founded a ministry in Massachusetts, Tender Shepherd: A Ministry of Soul Care and have recently been called to serve as Pastor of Stevens Hill Community Church of the Brethren. My interests are in hermeneutics, narrative theology, and ethics. I’m a “wanna be” bird-watcher. Laura and I reside in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Most of all I am a devoted follower of Jesus, the resurrected Messiah.

  1. mjracs says:

    Welcome to Lancaster County and the Atlantic Northeast District of the C.O.B. Looking forward to following this blog. Blessings in your ministry, Andy.

  2. Hi Andy – I’m wanting to make use of the Perichoresis image you used on your blog in May, 2013, for “The Trinity of Business Translation” – three multi-colored dancers doing a heart-shaped circle dance. Can you help me find out how/where I get permission to use it for a church project? I’d appreciate hearing back as soon as you can manage – on a deadline here . . .

    • Andrew says:

      Hey, thanks for visiting my site. I have been searching my sources and I can’t find where I got it. It was on one of the free image sources. It has been such a long time since that post I can’t remember where I got it now. Sorry about that. I’m not sure how to track down the source now. For some reason I’m thinking that it might be from one of the Church of the Brethren sources. I’m not sure though.

  3. Rob Douglass says:

    Hi Andy, This is Rob Douglass from way back in the Ashland days. I am back in pastoral ministry as well and in the Harrisburg area. It would be good to connect some time. Great blog

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